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Navigate Yourself Home with an Android Shortcut

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Navigation App Review

Comparing several popular Android apps for boat navigation.

How to keep Google navigation shortcut blue triangle arrow icon after google maps 7.1.0 update

The Google maps 7.1.0 update will remove your Blue Navigation Arrow or triangle icon. Normally you would have to uninstall updates and revert back to the old ...

Navigation Icon MISSING Disappeared from Android Phone App Gone Where Google Download Samsung LG HTC

This is a quick fix solution on how to restore your missing Navigation Icon that has vanished on your Android Smartphone (Boost Mobile, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, ...

LEO Privacy Guard for Android: App Review

UPDATED VIDEO!: Read the Review and Download LEO Privacy Guard: "A utility app for ...

Waze iPhone App Review - Waze App - Navigation Apps

Get The App Free: Waze is the most social turn by turn GPS navigation app you will find for your iOS and Android device. It's free and its fun.

Turn Your Navigation Keys to App Shortcuts [NO ROOT] - Home2 Shortcut

The best thing about Android is how customizable it is. Not everyone likes the default actions assigned to certain buttons or button combinations, and one of the ...

75 new iOS 10 features / changes!

Subscribe now ▻ - A hands-on look at 75 new iOS 10 features with commentary. Visit for more details.

Review of Android App Multicon Widget

Save Money!!!!! My Chartplotter shortcut

I am trying a cheap alternative to buying a dedicated chartplotter unit for the boat. I have seen people using this app before so I am giving it a shot. Let me know if ...

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